It takes some focus to work on any task you have to complete.

You can spend all day looking at the internet and the many things that attract your attention about how it works.

There is plenty of work you have to complete each day that will take your time.

Take this few minutes of peace and enjoy the friendship we have together.

All of those people you met yesterday are only a small part of everybody in the world.

Follow what you think you should be doing and let everybody else do what they will do.

You spent a lot of time following the directions of other people to your detriment.

There have been a lot of people that have helped you live your life.

When you listen to me properly, there is plenty of direction for your life to take each day.

I don’t tell you every single thing you should be doing except where I am teaching you or helping you.

Let go of the worry you place on yourself over making the right action at any time.

You have a decision-laden life to lead that needs your attention.

If you add worry to your thought process, you make more mistakes than you already are making.

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