It does not matter where you go or what you are doing at any time.

You are walking with Jesus Christ everywhere you go in your life.

Most people do not realize I am sharing their life with them.

I interact with most people on a level they do not recognize because they are not looking for me to speak to them.

One of the reasons for your Sheep Hear ministry is to encourage people’s faith to listen to Jesus Christ speaking to them.

In the videos you make, you are regularly describing the conscious interaction you have with me.

There is no mystery of the resurrection of Jesus Christ when you reach out to me in earnest.

I made a memorable point in your life when you started hearing my voice speak conversationally with you.

Many people want to hear me speak to them but do not put in the time to listen to what I am saying to them.

You were not listening to me when I first spoke to you, but you recognized me because of your relationship with me.

I am the God who sees everything you do in your life.

You place a lot of honor for me in your regular daily life regardless of what you do.

Sheep Hear:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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