You have to let go of the fear of failure out of your mind.

I am not saying to be stupid and attempt to do many things without forethought.

When you decide to do something, it takes some effort to see the results you want.

You have failed at many things you have attempted to accomplish over the years.

Your mental focus should be more on the direction you are going than on what can go wrong.

There are many significant accomplishments you have established in your life.

You wonder why I would talk about personal attitudes with you when every word I speak is about your attitudes.

If I do not talk about your attitudes, what else am I supposed to affect in your life?

You do not see how I have been working with your perspective since I started talking to you.

It is your actions that come from our interactions that I am affecting the most in your life.

Your life is full of action and reaction to many external stimuli.

I am an internal stimulus to you from an external source because I am changing how you think by making you look at your thoughts.

Let yourself be more peaceful with the decisions you make and be happier.

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