There are many times when it will not be easy to hear what I say because you need to have more spiritual growth.

I am making you reach out to me so you will continue to grow more aware of what I am doing around you.

You notice very little of what I am attempting to show you while you are living your life.

I am not the only thing you pay attention to; there is a lot of living that needs your attention.

If you do not take care of your life, then you will not prosper.

A relationship with Jesus Christ is more than hearing what I say to you every day.

You should hear more of the comments I make to you while you are interacting with other people.

I am not telling you every move for you make most of the time.

In certain situations, I help you to see what direction you should be going.

You have chosen to believe I resurrected from the dead.

In your pursuit of a different form of life, you found out what you should be doing.

There is more mental peace in your actions than you had before you began to hear my voice.

Every day is not full of tranquility in front of your face.

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