It does not do you any good to let the stress you have in your mind hold onto your attention.

Move forward with the life you have and let everything you have work the way it should.

I watch what you do every day, and you do not care about many things that affect your life.

There are more things you have to learn how to ignore that bother you every day.

This peaceful mindset I am talking about takes more than ignoring problems you have.

You have to live with the problems you face and let the worry leave your mind.

I see everything that is happening in ways you can’t understand.

Let go of what you think should be happening and live the life you have.

There is more peace in the attitude you hold than when you let everything you see bother you.

It is more important for you to have a peaceful mental attitude than worrying about what will happen every day of your life.

Take the blessings in your hand and learn how to live with more mental peace.

I am helping you see better decisions when you allow the Holy Spirit to help your peaceful attitude.

You need to remember that your life is better when you have more peace in your mind.

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