Sometimes it is not enough for you to listen to me speak to you.

You want to hear something more than me questioning you about what you think today.

I know what you should see more of when it comes to how you view the world you live in every day.

You think you should be looking for an opportunity to tune yourself into me when you should be living your life.

I do not call people to dedicate their lives to me to focus on reaching other people as a single goal.

What is the reason why I want to help people?

Your focus should be on having a better mindset to enjoy your life and help others along the way.

Yes, it is crucial to reach out to other people so they can enjoy a relationship with me.

Your only goal should not be to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is essential to look for the opportunity to reach out to others, but not a singular goal.

More things are required to live your life that are necessary, like peacefully resting after some activity.

Let go of what other people were telling you to do to help their ministry.

Follow what I am showing you to do so your life will be better for you.

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