It is better for you to be peaceful when events in your life are not what you want them to be.

You have found it easy to be angry over things that should not upset you.

I told you that you do not need to be so nice, but you have to be peaceful in your mind to think properly.

You have no idea what is going on with your life outside of the simple direction you have to live with every day.

I am doing more with you than you realize because I am not telling you why you are doing many things I ask you to do.

There is more to what I have you do than I will tell you, and it does not bother you.

It took time to work through your everyday problems and look at more of what you have been ignoring.

Your faith in Jesus Christ needs to grow more than you realize, and I am participating in what you are doing.

Many of the things you thought were important are regular facts to your relationship with me.

I do not leave anybody because I am with anybody alive or dead.

Learning more about how you respond to the world you live in is a key to living with peace in your mind.

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