You can ask me why anything is what it is all day long and would not understand the complexity of how everybody interacts with each other every day.

Relax, James; it is not essential to know why everything happens the way it does in your life.

Since you have conversations with the God of all eternity, your mind thinks I will tell you things you can’t understand.

I have shown you some things you couldn’t comprehend to show you that your mental capacity is finite.

It is a good thing to be curious about what you do not know that you see.

I regularly tell you some things are not your business to know about for many reasons.

You can write what you want when it comes to hearing our conversations.

Many times, you hear my comments about the different attitudes you have because I am bringing them to your attention.

These words you write will affect anybody who spends the time reaching out to Jesus Christ in their life.

I am more than some words you write on a page and have never limited myself to a few words in a book.

You have to let go of many wrong attitudes about who and what I am because you hear me every day.

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