I keep telling you many simple concepts I want you to grasp that change over the years.

We spent many years working on your focus on what we do together so you would learn to be more aware of my presence in your life.

You want to know who and what I am to feel better about what you know about me.

Let go of the concept of actually understanding what I do.

There are enough people that like to say I will act certain ways in specific circumstances.

I am not a person that is like somebody that responds to everybody the same way.

There is more to what I am doing and why I am working in a creative way all over the universe.

The words I speak to you do not have to be understood by you at any time.

This friendship we have together is a deciding choice that is making your life better to live.

You will continue to grow aware of what I am saying because it is your choice to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The tenacious attitude toward many parts of your life brings your attention to our friendship each day.

I am more than what you feel is good for you.

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