I am not telling you things you should not know or will shock the world full of people.

You wonder if I am going to tell you something mysterious many times.

The fact that you hear my voice adds a spark of mystery to your life.

Most of the people you know do not hear what I say to them every day.

Do not be concerned with what your job is or what anybody else is doing.

Live your life as you do with my friendship as a part of your daily life.

Let go of your anticipation of what will happen in the future and live your life.

You should be anticipating what I will do next, which I have not told you of yet.

The mystery you should be exploring is your daily life.

There are many gifts of the Holy Spirit you are unaware of that are part of your life.

You do not see many of the blessings I have given you.

There is no requirement for you to explore what is happening in your life.

When the opportunity arises, you will see how much you have changed.

I will open your eyes sometime in the future to see more of what is happening with the Sheep Hear ministry.

Sheep Hear:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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