Let go of what you think other people will think about what we write here.

You don’t care what anybody thinks about what you do; it should not matter what you write.

It is not easy for you to let yourself be a target for malicious people because you are familiar with evil people.

You do not need to have any fear about what will happen to you because I see everything outside of what you know.

I know you do not fear what anybody will do to you.

Your concern is for those people you love and cherish every day of your life.

There is a spiritual dynamic that is happening with your life because of what you do not see.

Do not let any fear cover your mind regarding what you do not know in the world.

I am waking with you everywhere, anointing the people that hear your voice with my presence.

You are not the Holy One; you are an anointed person who follows the voice of Jesus Christ.

I am the one who is touching everybody with the Holy Spirit, and I like to bring my power into the lives of every anointed person who walks in the world.

The Holy Spirit is a point of power that spreads over the entire world.

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