I am saying more to you than you will hear because you are occupying your mind with what other people think of you.

You don’t need to hear everything I say because you deal with many things every day.

Give yourself a slight release in your tenacity to make everything correct in what you are doing.

I watch everything you do, and it is not easy for you to let anything go where you see a flaw in yourself.

You need to have a peaceful mindset more often to complete what you have to do.

Let go of the many faults you see in yourself, so your life will be easier for you to deal with every day.

You like to find fault in yourself when it comes to any problem where you are involved with the process.

Give yourself more of an open mind to allow yourself to not find faults in yourself.

Look forward to a more leisurely mental attitude to deal with your life.

There is too much stress in your mental attitude about everything you face in your life.

When you learn to have more peace with what you live with, your decisions will be better.

All of these times you hear my voice, I am directing you toward a better view of your life.

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