There are many possible things I talk to you about that require your participation.

The truth is you act on what you remember to move with action in your life.

You take this conversation between us seriously enough to change many of your attitudes toward many things.

Many of the people written about in the Holy Bible took my voice speaking to them seriously.

I am not going into a Holy Bible study with you because you know what I wrote there.

A few people in the world read these words you write, intending to become more aware of my presence in their lives.

This ministry work you take part in is a defining action in your life that has changed how you look at everybody you meet.

It may seem tedious to place this work of love in your schedule every day, but you look forward to what I say to you.

You know that Jesus Christ loves you because I tell you this regularly.

Take this change I am putting in your life and open your eyes to what I have to say.

The regular action you take with what I say to you is helping you in many parts of your life.

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