It takes some time to learn new things, and I have been teaching you new things for many years.

There are many goals I have when I talk to you.

The most essential thing you have to remember is I am your friend.

You give me a lot of respect because you know that I am the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ.

Many of the things I show you are to open your mind to the possibility that many things are happening you don’t understand.

I am teaching you that many things are happening in your mind that has to be examined by you.

You don’t spend much time examining what you think.

I show you many of the attitudes you have that are wrong so that you will be careful about your future response to other people.

Nobody can tell you what I see happening with your attitudes.

I see beyond what anybody can see that is happening with you.

You can’t understand what I see happening in your daily life.

The Holy Spirit is giving you more peace about our daily relationship.

You have to be more aware of what you think is going on to learn more about what is happening with you.

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