You can keep looking at the internet and all the horrific atrocities happening to your country.

My voice will pierce anything you listen to with my opinion in your mind.

Living your life with the truth of many things exposed to you is not the same as before.

You are an excellent lie detector on your own, but I give you better chances of being correct.

Everything you see is enhanced when you listen to my opinion on what is happening.

You have to learn to see the bad parts of life and still be peaceful about what you see.

The interaction we have is exposing your mind to a part of life you used to ignore.

Facing the world without anger is part of the challenge you have to deal with every day.

I know it is easier to look away from things that get you angry.

There is more to the process of having peace than ignoring strife.

I am not saying to let evildoers get away with evil deeds you may witness.

You have to learn to hear my opinion of how I do not like some things without letting your protective nature get you mad.

I am exposing you to more things than you want to hear me say to you.

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