You do not know how simple it is for you to hear my voice speaking to you.

Most people who reach out to me figure they have heard enough and do not reach further to hear what I say to them.

There is a hunger to find out what is in the future with Jesus Christ in your life.

Regardless of what is happening in your life, you keep plodding forward with whatever comes your way.

I am not some magic coin you find one day and cherish it forever.

You can have regular conversations with me because you strive to hear what I say to you.

Holding onto this relationship with me has cost you a lot of time and effort.

The value you have received from knowing the God of all creation has helped you live your life better every day.

Your view on life is not as crucial as the friendship you have with me.

We have worked together for a long time on many projects that involve the eternal souls of many people.

Your soul is the most important facet of what you have because you are not required to do anything.

My peace is on your mind wherever you go and regardless of how you feel at any time.

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