Do not get stuck on what you think I am saying to you,

It is better for you to wait a moment to hear what I am saying at any time.

You know many people who hear my voice for a moment, then spend their time speculating on whether what I say to them is from me.

It is never your job to question what I say to you.

Your job is to determine if it is Jesus Christ speaking to you or some demon from Hell.

There are many things that I will not have you write because they are too personal.

It is relevant to know that you do not like to hear anybody tell you about how you are wrong about anything.

Let go of the thoughts that say I will tell you anything you want to know.

Many things you ask me about are not your business to know, like winning lottery numbers.

You are winning the game of life by having regular conversations with Jesus Christ while you are alive.

This writing exercise is not a conversation on how you became saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ; it is about having a better life with me as your friend.

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