You worry about what I will say to you until you hear what I say.

There have been many times in our life where you did not want to hear what I said to you.

It takes a solid commitment to the truth of what I say to stay persistently listening to me.

There are many ways you can look at what we are doing with these writings.

When you read what you write, the experience helps you see more of what I said in the past.

Let go of what you think is happening to you and live your life in peace.

You have to be more aware of what is happening to you because you hear my opinion on many things.

The experience you get when you act on the directions I give you helps your faith in Jesus Christ to grow.

I am doing more in the world than you will ever realize.

What you do not see is how much I move upon your daily life.

Every experience you have is shared with Jesus Christ, as I know every thought you have.

You do not feel my presence as much as you are aware I am with you from experience.

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