Let yourself have more peace about what you are doing everywhere you go.

I am not supposed to give you anxiety over your actions with worry about making mistakes.

Your awareness of my presence is something you are learning to be aware of, so you will have more peace in everything you do.

You do not want to act wrong in anything you do, so you let the worry of failure bother you sometimes.

Everybody has to face the world with knowledge of good and bad outcomes to anything they work on during their life.

The stress of living on the streets is prevalent in many people’s minds when they try to pay their bills.

I am aware of more than you can understand regarding each person’s feelings on the planet.

You do not understand your mind when it comes to your mental reaction to every event you witness every day.

There are many different reactions you have to events you witness that I want you to examine differently than you do right now.

Everything you see impacts your life in different ways.

Taking a different look at your reactions to everyday circumstances helps you to cope with everything you see.

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