You do not know what will happen to you at any time.

Your mind wants to think of the worst possible outcome for your life many times.

I want you to see the possibilities that are in front of your face every day.

You do not let the worry on your mind bother you very much in front of anybody.

I see what you are thinking at all times and know what nobody else knows about your life.

You refuse to give up on what your mind sees of the world you live in every day.

A part of you wants to succeed where you do not see an opening for success in your life.

You believe that what I say to you is more important than what you think will happen in the future.

This faith in the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to you drives your hope in ways you would not have on your mind.

I am the factor in your life that changes your mental outlook on your life.

It does not matter what you see in your future; you hold onto the hope that there will be more opportunities to live peacefully.

I will help you to make better choices in the future.

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