Do not be concerned about where your focus is at any time.

Whatever you are doing takes your attention in that direction.

There are too many people that tell you to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and have you let go of what you need to do for yourself.

Your mind gets caught up with too much bad advice you have taken from people looking to do your good.

Do not worry about how much you have devoted your life to me while following other people’s advice.

I am showing you how to limit your damage to other people by showing you what has happened to you.

Nobody knows what I see and the effect each person has on another.

It may seem like a lot of work to write these words every day to you.

The relationship you have with me has been enhanced by following what I say to you.

It is not important for you to get everything right in your life.

You have to remember that all the advice you followed from other people was helpful from many of their minds.

The advantage you have in your life is you hear what I say to you.

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