I have been talking to you for a while, and you find it odd that you have to reach out to hear me speak to you.

Part of what you are learning is how to learn to listen to me as you have never heard me speak to you before.

Your persistent faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ drives you to hear the words I speak to you.

You would ignore what I say every day if I started speaking to you as I am right now.

I have been teaching you to be aware of my presence even when you are in noisy places.

Living your life is not as easy as you want it to be, and learning how to grow spiritually takes effort.

Part of what I tell you is that it is not just your spiritual growth that is important but your faith in Jesus Christ.

Your mind actively knows that I will speak to you, so you anticipate the sound of my voice.

There are more areas of your life where you need to learn how to grow spiritually.

Your faith requires more anticipation in what you expect to see.

Let go of what you know and listen to what I tell you to anticipate.

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