Time keeps moving forward for you regardless of anything you think about your life.

Today you are here, and tomorrow you will be someplace else, even if it is a foot or two from where you are now.

You have to live each day to find out what will happen to you.

I do not tell you what will happen in the future, except for some isolated events to show you your faith in Jesus Christ is true.

Make your choices and stand by them so you will have more peace in your mind.

It is easy to make mistakes regularly and still be peaceful in your mind.

Having a peaceful mindset does not mean you like to make mistakes and be happy about them.

A peaceful mind means when you mess up your choices, they don’t make you worried about being wrong.

Anxiety and worry can make your choices worse because you are not thinking clearly, James.

This topic of worry is something you know about but do not like to think about because you want to be correct in everything you do.

You can’t hide anything you do from my scrutiny.

The Holy Spirit will bring you more mental peace as you continue to hear what I say to you.

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