Let go of the anxiety you have over what will happen in the future and accept what is happening in your life right now.

You do not live like other people; your life is full of changes that will happen to your life you have to accept.

It is better for your life when you let go of the anxiety that bothers you and do what you have to do each day of your life.

The future will show itself to you, and you will have more blessings than you can see correctly.

Do not think you have to do everything by yourself; many people will be helping you in the future.

Every movement takes its process to happen.

You do not let yourself worry about supporting this ministry because you are paying all the bills.

In the future, I will cover the bills and make more prosperity in your daily life.

It is your job to follow the directions I give you and let everybody else live their life.

There is plenty of work you have to accomplish that will take a lot of your time.

I am giving you the wisdom it takes to make better choices for your life.

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