I am with you regardless of how you feel at any time of your life.

You like to tell other people about how I am with everybody because I tell you this regularly.

It is one thing to say something to people and another to grasp those concepts close to your heart.

You will never understand what is going on in the spiritual world around you.

There is plenty of reality in the world you see with your eyes that you don’t understand.

I am the God of all creation that watches what is happening everywhere.

Let go of any fear of what you do not see that is happening around you.

There are plenty of choices you make that are better with a peaceful mind.

You live your life without noticing most of the horrible spirits around you.

It is not necessary to do more than have a peaceful mental outlook without the worry about demons from Hell being in the world.

Your focus should be on your life because you are the most important part of your life.

Let everybody else in the world live their life while you live your life.

I will bring you more peace every day of your life.

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