There are times when you learn to hear me differently and sometimes when it is loud.

It is not important for me to tell you everything you are learning when you hear my voice.

You gain more from our relationship than some basic life skills I teach you.

Our friendship allows me to speak to you like I have been doing for more than twenty years.

Your mind wants to hear some mysteries that would wake you up to transformational changes in your life.

There are plenty of different things you need to learn how to do even at your older age.

If you think you don’t need to keep learning, then you are wrong.

Basic human life requires learning how to deal with the challenges of each new day.

Young people have to learn more than older folks most of the time.

Most of the people who read these words wonder if they will help them with their life.

I speak to everybody differently, and you do not know how I talk to your wife.

Tomorrow I will say something different to you that may be similar to what I have said before today.

I know what is happening in your dreams and what you see when you are awake.

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