It is easier for you to notice my presence when I am not gathering your attention than in the past.

I repeatedly tell you that there is a process of time that it takes for you to grow spiritually.

Every day you hear my voice, there is a spiritual change going on in your life.

It is not easy to see the changes in your life.

Most people who have not seen you for a long time recognize your changed actions very well.

Let go of the fear you sometimes get when I make you aware of this spiritual world you do not usually see.

I am opening your eyes more often to the visions I show you of what is happening in your daily life.

The power of the Holy Spirit is active in your daily life more than you know.

You like to say to yourself that you are noticing more of my presence every day but do not notice how much you miss at the same time.

It is not your job to notice everything going on in front of you.

You need to pay more attention to what you have to do every day than watch what everybody else does.

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