You are not listening to me because you are taking the mental clarity you get with my presence and thinking about sports.

There is a continuous process you go through when attempting to find solutions; you listen to Jesus Christ.

Regardless of what I say, you connect to me creatively to find solutions to your problems.

I am more than the answer to your problems while you are going about your day.

You respect my presence in many ways that I see every day.

Let go of your fear of looking unworthy in my sight.

I know your heart well enough to know you work ethically with every thought you take.

Your mind can have more freedom in your thoughts when you learn to embrace the peaceful mental attitude you use on most of your thoughts.

You carry a fear of failure with you from the many past mistakes you have made over many years.

I have more blessings coming your way that will change your attitudes more than they are now.

The wisdom I give you is helping you to gain favor in the eyes of the people at your company.

You will be able to see more peace in your life in the future.

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Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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