It is not what you know that is important, James.

How you act in your life when you face moral decisions is where you do well.

You are not somebody who makes the right decision every time.

The actions you take are from what you believe is the right thing for you to do most of the time.

I will not tell you the future; you have to live your life every day like everybody else.

There are some things I may tell you that will happen, so you will know I am relevant in your life.

You need to be more peaceful in the way you approach the work you have to complete.

Your mental attitude is more important than what you do.

The correct action will follow the proper attitude in your daily life.

Let go of the thought that you will be poor in the future.

There is plenty of work you can complete that will take your time for many years.

I am blessing your life in ways you do not see that have nothing to do with what you are looking at every day.

Keep those visions I have given you on your mind,

You will see the Holy Spirit moving in diverse ways in your life.

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