You have more to do than you have time to accomplish your tasks.

Everything you work on is part of who you are because you take care of things differently when you know what you are doing.

I am not speaking in riddles to you.

There is a time for work, and there is time to listen to Jesus Christ as I speak to you.

Everything you do takes time, and you need to know more about yourself to get better at living your life.

It is better for you to rest than to do many of the things you do every day.

I do what I want to do on a scale you can’t imagine.

Creating life at a scale unimaginable to you is not the only thing I am doing every day.

Each person in the world likes to think they are aware of what they are doing.

Let go of foolish thoughts and be happier with what you have every day.

There are blessings you need to be aware of that are part of your daily life.

The attitude you hold most of the time is not as gentle as you should be to yourself.

Do not be so harsh with yourself on what you do and let yourself have more mental peace.

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