The amount of time you think you have is usually different when you consider what you are doing.

You sometimes get caught up in schedules a little too much for what is good for you.

The person who pays for your strict attitude is you.

Your life is full of times and deadlines you make yourself keep regularly.

I make you break many of your rules to show you that it is not important to follow rigorous schedules with everything you work on each day.

It is more important that you learn how to be nice to yourself.

You keep forgetting to have more peace within your mind so life will be easier for you.

Your mental attitude works better when you do not make too much effort to do any task.

Some things are easier to learn by experience, but your life works better when listening to what I say.

You worry too much about what is trivial and forget what is essential for you to live.

There are many blessings you have that you ignore most of the time.

Use your time for yourself in new ways so you will feel better.

I will give you more wisdom each day so you will make better decisions.

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