You have no idea how the reality you live in works.

I am constantly creating the universe on a colossal scale while I am talking to you.

There are many observations of my work that people call evolving because each day is new.

My daily work takes me into the life of every person and animal, alive or dead.

I am talking about your faith in Jesus Christ, allowing you to know basic information about the world.

There is no secret too challenging to comprehend that has to do with daily living.

You need to keep working to provide the money it takes to pay your bills.

This work we are doing together is another type of work you have been doing for many years.

Ask me to give you some more wisdom so you can do more with what you have.

You have to do more with your faith than what is happening now.

I will guide you in new ways that will help you to see your life better.

Allow the peace of the Holy Spirit to help you see the truth of your daily life.

I am touching every person you talk to with the peace of the Holy Spirit.