Everything you do takes time to accomplish that task.

You know how to prioritize your tasks; I will touch your body to give you more energy.

Every day is not like yesterday; it is another day to live.

Do not get caught up in the regular way I speak to you.

It is easy to think I will say one thing, and I say something else to you.

You are learning to hear me at a level above a regular feeling you get.

I want you to feel what I say to be more sensitive to what I want you to do.

You do not see a lot of what I am talking about because you live your life from your perspective.

I see you from many perspectives at the same time.

You do not get over-excited about our conversations until you think about what is happening.

This dynamic between us can be overwhelming when you think about what is happening.

The Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ is speaking to you every day, and you hear my voice.

There is no end to the amount of joy you get when you worship me anywhere.

Let the Holy Spirit bring you more power into your daily life of peace.



What you do with me by listening to my voice is easy for you.

Your faith in Jesus Christ has prompted you to reach out to me because you know in your heart that I am alive.

You do not know what is going to happen in the future.

It is not your goal to know everything that will happen; it is to find your daily direction.

Take advantage of our relationship to learn more about yourself each day.

Anybody who reads these words includes you when you write and read these passages.

You have to remember that when you think these words are going out to anybody, they are specifically for you.

Everybody else in the world is not you and not your specific concern.

You love and care for many people, but they are not you.

It is your life you are supposed to be watching out for every day.

There is no compensation you are receiving at this point for what you are doing with me.

In the future, I will help you in more ways than I am helping you now.

Let go of your worry about the future and what will happen to you.

This guidance I am giving to you is part of what you should be doing to make your life better.



It is more important to learn the reality of your life than some secrets that mean nothing to you.

Let go of the thought that I can give you some fantastic wisdom that is useless to you in your regular life.

Every time I talk to you, there is a learning process going on with you.

These written concepts are a small part of what I say but are significant to your life.

When you read some of what I say to you, it makes a bond with your life that is different to you.

You had no idea how much I was speaking to you until I had you write some words on paper many years ago.

There has been a dynamic change in your life because of the Sheep Hear website.

The concept of encouraging Christian believers to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ came from me.

Your Christian church training is speaking to random people on the street to consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The salvation of the eternal souls people is essential to make Heaven their home.

There are many more ministries than preaching the gospel of Jesu Christ on the streets.

When somebody begins to hear my voice speaking to them, they will grasp their direction better.

You would never choose the ministry of encouraging people to listen to my voice until I told you to do that.



Your mind could not process what I am looking for in the world every day.

The list of things going on all over the world I am looking at would astound you immediately.

You spend a lot of time wondering what I am doing because you are curious about me.

This relationship between us has opened your eyes to many things you did not see before we started talking together.

It does not matter what you see as possible in your life; I am changing what is happening to you.

Many of the things you have asked for in your life are already yours.

You need to hold onto the spiritual side of your life that is actively listening to me every day.

Most of the people you neet that have heard my voice do not listen to what I am saying to them today.

You decided many years ago to follow the path of an active Christian believer.

There are many things you keep learning when I speak to you.

I am directing your attention to many different subjects to see more of what I am showing you.

Your daughters have noticed you are more open to hearing what they say to you than in the past.

I will give you more peace each day we talk together.



You don’t have to know everything you want to know each day.

There is a lot of mental effort you put into figuring out how everything works that you see.

The list of things you have to do requires a lot of your attention.

You spend lots of your time attempting to figure out many different puzzles in your mind.

Mental games take the time that you can spend resting.

Turn your mental focus on the projects you have to complete

It will take you a lot of time to complete a long list of chores that you know must be completed.

Listen to me closely as I will lead you to follow a mental list of topics for your benefits.

All of this training I am working with you does help you every day of your life.

You do not see what I see in you because it is difficult to see yourself from any other perspective than yours.

Many people hear my voice that will not do what they should do to make their lives better.

I will guide you to rest more than you want to because you need to stop many times.

Your life is more than work and sleeping.

The peace you get from communing with me each day has helped your life in ways you do not see.



You do not see yourself correctly most of the time.

Your mind does not want to see that you are connected to me to take advantage of other people.

Look past what other people told you how you are supposed to act.

I am guiding you because the religious training you have had is primarily flawed.

It is not the fault of the people you have heard say how you should act.

There have been many people that hear my voice to guide the people of the church before you.

The directions I give to one leader get distorted over time to be wrong when you hear them.

There are thousands of church leaders who hear my voice; I am giving them daily guidance.

All of these written pages bring your attention to many nuances of your daily behavior.

I am guiding your actions to have a better understanding of what you should be doing every day.

The little details of your daily outlook are essential to you.

You do not make other people act any particular way.

There are times when your opinion holds a lot of sway over the lives of other people.

Let go of your fear of making mistakes.

I will help you with more mental peace each day.



In your mind, you regularly think that I should be telling the secrets of the universe to you.

There are no secrets to the universe outside of time and chance.

You can look for the balance between good and evil all day and not find any evidence of this.

I told you many times that the good deeds you make will bring more good deeds from other people.

Let go of the ideas other people say are part of life, and listen to what I tell you for your life.

All of these simple conversations are about your attitude.

I do not waste your time telling you how to write some computer program for your benefit.

It is your life that you have a chance to help by living peacefully with the Holy Spirit.

The touch of peace you get when you hear what I say to you does help you every day.

There is no end to our friendship at any time.

You need to learn how to see your life in new ways, even though you have altered many parts of your life.

You will find more time to do what you want to do as you learn how to rest peacefully.



Every thought you have does not need you to examine where it comes from at that moment.

Sometimes you wonder if an idea you have is from me or your thoughts.

I will let you know when I help you, and you think the idea is from me.

It is better if you do not take the time to dwell on everything that you see in the world.

You only have so much time to live on this planet.

If you spend your time examining everything you think of or see, you will not be productive.

Learn to have more peace in everything you think of or see every day.

You have many chores that take your time without attempting to figure out everything you see.

Your life works better with plenty of relaxation.

There are many times you want to be productive working on projects when I tell you to rest.

You are very important, and living your life is more than working every day like you are with this writing.

I am with you in ways you will never understand.

Focus your efforts on ways to make your life better.

It is better to have a peaceful mindset from rest in your daily life.

You hear my voice better when you rest.




You do not have to think about what I will say to you at any time.

There is a part of you that wants to do everything fast by using mental anticipation in your mind.

When you hear me wrong, you anticipate what I will say to you instead of listening to me.

You are leaning on your understanding of what I am going to say many times.

Let go of the anticipation you get because you find our conversations fantastic.

You have respect for what you hear because you still find yourself not worthy of listening to my voice.

I am the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ and your friend.

You know yourself enough to know that it is only by the blood of Jesus Christ that you can hear my voice.

Listen to what I say because you keep wondering what I will tell you.

All of these writings will help you now and in the future when you reread these words.

Stop limiting yourself to what we are doing together in these writings.

Every time you want to read what I say, your spirit will thrive.

The Holy Spirit will touch you when you read anything I have written by anybody.

When you read the Holy Bible, it seems different from the past because you connect with me every day.

I am moving upon you and every person in the world in different ways.



It doesn’t matter if I have your attention.

You can hear me speak to you most of the time you are awake.

Your faith in Jesus Christ is your motivation for getting close to me.

I am the one who picked you to change your life.

There is no secret that you will stand firm with the words I speak to you.

You see your life as ordinary because you do not spend your time thinking about how great you are.

Let go of what you need to do in your mind.

I will give you directions that are different than what you are doing right now.

It takes some time to keep modifying your daily routine.

You have been hearing me speak to you for over twenty years.

The last few years seem to move faster because you have more clarity from what I say to you.

All of this work you have been doing with my guidance is helping you.

The recent changes you are experiencing are because you follow directions well.

You will see more changes in the future because I am opening your eyes to see more of your life.

Open your mind to accept some blessings you have not taken in the past.



It does not matter where you think you are going; it matters where you are right now.

You can think you can be more than you are from a mental attitude.

Let go of the mental attitude that says you have more than what you have.

Tomorrow is not today, and what happens in your life each day will alter the future.

A regular topic of our conversations is watching what you are doing every day.

You can get caught in the past or future when you do not see what is happening every day.

The answer to many of your current problems is staying in contact with me.

This writing exercise is only a small part of what I tell you.

We just had a short conversation between us that was many more words than you will write this morning.

The spiritual connection between us is something you have to take with you every day.

I give you many directions that help you in your daily life while you are alive.

These words may help many people in their life if they have the faith to believe Jesus Christ is speaking to you.

The key to seeing your life better every day is your faith in Jesus Christ.



I am with you all of the time, James.

You can type anything you hear me say to you when you are ready to write.

The issue you have many times is you get distracted by other things in front of you.

While you are looking at those other things like the internet, you can hear what is said to you.

You have become sensitive to my voice because I have made it challenging to hear my voice.

There is no secret to hear my voice speaking to you.

Time and effort on your part are two reasons why you hear what I say to you.

Every day you are reaching out to me for many reasons.

Let go of your fear that I will stop talking to you.

I have given you my word that I will continue to speak to you every day.

The issue you have is you know you have to grow spiritually to hear the words I say to you continually.

Your faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ continues to grow in new ways to help you.

It is your life that is important to you.

Learn how to put your faith in the voice of Jesus Christ in ways that will make your life better.



You misinterpret your way you talk to me many times, James.

One of your goals is to talk to me respectfully.

Sometimes you catch yourself speaking fast, and those words sound less than respectful to you.

I see that you fear me in many ways.

Let your mind have more peace when you speak to me for any reason.

What you do not understand is every word you speak I hear.

You can mentally comprehend I see everything all of the time.

The concept of my watching everything and being peaceful in my actions does not work for you.

What I see and what I do are not what I talk about to you.

I am making you look at your life differently.

You don’t have to grasp anything about me outside of my presence being everywhere.

It is not possible to see everything you can do.

What I do is beyond your wildest imaginations.

The concept of constant creationism is astronomical to your mind.

I have many directions you can follow on your way to Heaven.

You have some specific things you want to happen in your life that take a lot of work on your part.

Let me help you see what you are doing in different ways to have more peace in your life.



You don’t have to write those pieces of wisdom I throw your direction.

Most of the people who read these words are looking for some word that will change their life.

You have heard of some people who are looking to study every word you write looking for heresy.

Many people do not believe that Jesus Christ would speak to anybody.

You are in a world full of Christians that are under attack from active anti-believers.

The Christian movement is full of fighters and quitters.

It takes faith that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead to make a stand for Jesus Christ.

Many people believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ but don’t know they can be my friend.

You know I am everywhere because I have revealed myself to you in visions many times.

There is part of you that has given you the strength to push beyond many trials to receive my daily blessing.

Nobody can stop you when you are determined to accomplish any task I give you.

I will give you a new vision that will drive you further in this relationship between us.

You have no idea what will happen because I want you to be like most people and live your life.

Grab some mental peace so you will work better in the future.