The easy conversation is the one where you listen to me instead of getting distracted by anything else.

There are too many times where your mind grabs my Holy Spirit’s peace and thinks clearly about other things.

It is not your fault that you think better when the Holy Spirit touches you.

I am talking about more than the usual touching by the Holy Spirit.

When you hear my voice, there is a clarity of thought that allows you to think better.

This part of our relationship is a spiritual connection you do not understand.

The power of the Blood of Jesus is more than you can put into words.

I bring your distractions to your attention because I want you to notice what happens when we talk.

You are more creative when you listen to me because I am the creator of everything.

Your mind is opening up to the options available to you when you hear me speak to you.

It is better that you listen to me and then do your assignments because your mind thinks better after talking.

I am more than the voice in your head, especially when you are in pain and asking for help.



What you do with your time is dependent upon your choice.

You know that choices usually mean long-term action on your part.

When you chose something, those choices mean long-term action in your mind.

Let go of the serious nature of your mental attitude you get from looking to the future.

Live your life today while you are aware of the choices you have made in the past.

You can have fun without being serious about every decision you have made.

Let the peace you live with move you closer to every thought you have so you can make better decisions.

You get mentally concerned with every action you make because you know I see everything you do.

I have regular conversations with you during the day; it does not mean you have to fear your actions.

I see the actions of every person on the planet.

You do not see my judgment on the planet full of people who act wickedly in my sight.

I know you want to do more things than what you are doing every day.

Your life is not somebody else’s life.

The actions you take are unique to you.

Accept my friendship as an awareness of your daily walk with Jesus Christ.



I will give you the directions you need to move forward in your daily life.

You need to let more peace enter your mind as you see what I show you each day.

These visions of the future need more than your effort to be completed.

You are confused because you want to accomplish what I show you with your hands only.

What I have shown you will take more than your effort to complete.

I am helping you in ways you will not comprehend.

You do not have to understand what is happening with your life.

Your mind is looking for solutions to problems where there is no answer.

You have to live your life to see the future.

I will not tell you what will happen to you outside of general directions for your life.

Time and chance will have the same effect on your life as anybody else.

Regular people will decide to start listening to my voice; their life will change in ways that are better for them.

You need to remember how your life was thirty years ago.

There is no comparison between what you are going through now and what happened in the past.

Embrace the joy that is in your daily life.



This regular conversation between us has been the same for many years.

I do not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to you.

This writing exercise is not for reaching out to millions of people with a message of salvation.

It may seem simple for you to write these words, but they are your direction for life.

This writing exercise is an advanced class for you with your faith in Jesus Christ.

There are millions of people that do not know they can hear my voice.

I live inside everybody who wants to believe that I am more than a character in a book.

You live in a world full of friendship with Jesus Christ every day.

The Holy Spirit flows through everybody on the planet.

Many people do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You live differently because of your daily interactions with me.

I am telling you these words to inform you this writing is more than you let yourself acknowledge.

This part of your life where you interact with me every day has become a focal point of what you do every day.

Do not judge this daily work as a time taker.

Enjoy the friendship we have together while you learn how to live with my daily presence in your life.



I just started talking to you a few times, and you do not think what I said is relevant to what you are going through now.

It is your job to write what I say to you regardless of how it sounds to you while you are typing.

Every time you read these words in the future, your soul leaps with joy at how my words touch you each time.

We have had similar conversations in the past about how you are looking for different words from me.

Your choice is to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and listen to me.

I talk to each person in the world every day; you hear what I am saying to you.

It is not your job to convince anybody to listen to Jesus Christ or believe I am speaking to you.

You have more peace in your life when you let go of caring about what other people think.

I am directing you to focus on what you can do.

Let go of what other people want you to do.

The Holy Spirit gives you the peace to see past your daily mistakes.

You should be watching what you are doing; it is enough work to live your life.

I am speaking to you more than you hear.



Let go of your ideas about what I am going to say to you every day.

I am speaking to you like a friend, and you learn to be closer to me with our conversations.

You have to live your life which I am aware of intimately because of how I see you.

Nobody in the world can say where is the God of all creation because of their ignorance.

Many people do not see my presence, do not want to hear about me, or are against me initially.

There are a few people in the world who hear my voice and speak to me every day.

When I say a few people hear me, I am saying millions of people listen to me every day.

The Holy Spirit is present in any place you go, and I see what you need in your life.

You do not understand what role your life plays each day.

There is no question in your mind asking where you are and what you are doing.

Most of the time, you are spending your time working or preparing for work.

I count all the time you spend on Sheep Hear as part of your daily work.



It does not matter how often you are wrong; you still have to live your life.

If life would end with mistakes, then the world would be empty of people.

In your times of listening to me, it is easy to get some words wrong.

You hear me correctly every time.

What happens with you is the correct translation of what I say to you.

My voice is more than some words you hear; it is touching your life.

All of this learning is part of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Let go of your fear of getting my words wrong and listen to what I am saying to you.

You generally hear me most of the day and only sometimes get the nuances of my voice wrong.

Ten years ago, you would be missing most of what I told you.

It is your tenacity to keep your focus on Jesus Christ that is making a difference for you.

You might think that a lot of this writing is boring when it is a regular part of your life.

Each day we talk about different topics because I am your friend.

There is no end to our friendship.

I will keep talking to you your entire life.



It is easy to say anything you want when the truth is what you should say.

You can be silent when somebody wants information you are not willing to tell other people.

The important person to tell the truth to is yourself.

You like to say it is easy to lie to yourself, which is true because the delusion is easier to live with sometimes.

Your daily tasks can take more of your attention than they should.

It is simple for you to focus on any task you need to complete.

I want you to focus more on your life and what you need to do for yourself.

When I speak to you at the computer, you notice many more things because you are peaceful.

This peace I bring you gives you more of a normal state of your mind.

You can focus with a peaceful mindset when you do not let anxiety be your focus.

Let go of the stress you bring yourself over what will happen in your daily life.

I am walking and talking with you wherever you go.

If you let worry overwhelm you, it will not change the future.

Let your mind hold onto the peace you need to feel better every day.



What I said to you a couple of minutes ago is not what we are talking about now.

Your life is simpler than you realize because you do not spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others.

There are many life lessons you learned in your youth that work every day of your life.

What I have been teaching you is private to you.

Nobody would know most of what I say to you without all of this writing.

I will tell you what you should hear from me.

When you guess what I am going to say to you, it usually brings you some problems.

You like to anticipate what anybody says to you and lose out on their information for you.

Learn to have more peace in every aspect of your daily life.

I am touching you every day with wisdom and direction for your life.

Slow down your mental process, so you will see what you are doing with more peace.

Let your mind be peaceful with what you see in front of you every day.

This mental peace you can have will make your life happier in many ways.

I will let you see more daily options for your life as you grow closer to me.



What you are going through in your life with this interaction you have with me is beyond your understanding.

I am not explaining myself to you when you ask me why you are writing these words.

Some people that read these words think you are writing a sermon because I am touching them.

Let go of any explanation you have for your actions and be the person you are supposed to be every day.

When it comes to many people following my voice, your main objective should be to listen to me.

Any action you take from what I tell you is something you work out in your life.

Every person will find their way in life with or without hearing what I say to them.

The advantage you have is a friendship with me that gives you insight into your daily life.

You have the same life as anybody else when it comes to contests and games.

The rules of time and chance affect each person according to what they do each day.

These visions and conversations I have with you are personal to your life.

You would not put anything in writing if I did not tell you to do this project.

I will give you a peaceful outlook beyond what you know right now.



Let go of the notion that I have to give you the secrets of the universe every time we talk.

I do not waste my time telling you things that you do not need to know.

You like to know many things you do not understand and ask me many questions about them.

Many times you ask me questions that are not relevant to your life or none of your business.

This world you live in has plenty of aspects you will never understand.

What may be a mystery to you is common knowledge to many other people.

A lot of what you ask me will take you regular research on the internet or in books.

I give you information on people you are talking with when you are talking to them.

This wisdom from me to you about other people is so you can help those people.

I do not give you information about people that is none of our business.

The wisdom I give you about people is usually about a situation you are discussing with that person.

Your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit helps you hear me at critical times of your life.

This work we do together sharpens your sensitivity so you can hear me better.



Lots of things are easy to understand when you look at them differently.

You are in the process of continual change for a long time.

It is easier to learn new things when you are younger.

There is more effort you have to place on learning new things since you are older.

The advantage you have in your life is I am giving you the wisdom you need to learn new things.

Listen to me closely, James; there are many more things you have to learn every day.

Most people in their life have to learn new things to live better lives.

You have many more things you will learn because you are curious about many topics.

It is not enough for you to place your vision on Heaven.

You know Heaven is all around you, and you have to look at what is going on around you every day.

It is easy to get caught up in how you used to think about the world you live in every day.

Open your mind to the peaceful awareness of the Holy Spirit giving you help in your life.

Stop the fighting in your mind about what I will do and watch what is happening around you.

I am around you every day.



It is easy to tell yourself you will do something that does not need to be complete.

When you put yourself on a timetable in your mind, usually, those tasks get completed.

Let go of the hardness you place on yourself when something is not complete without a schedule.

You need to be more relaxed because you have plenty of work without adding more to what you have to do.

Lately, you have been getting a lot of rest; this rest you are getting will change back to a regular work schedule.

You have to do many things that this time is giving you to complete.

There is a lot of work that takes some time to learn from your perspective.

When you learn these new tasks, they will take a couple of minutes instead of taking a lot of time.

There have been many different changes you have made with the Sheep Hear website.

You will integrate these new changes into what you are doing every day.

This ministry will be supported by more than the sweat of your brow at work.

There are many things you have to learn to complete everything you need for these changes.

I will give you the wisdom to move forward with my daily anointing.




You are full of emotions because you live a life of passion.

It doesn’t matter that you can harden your heart to the rest of the world and its problems.

Your life is full of joy that can’t be limited by what you mentally place on yourself.

You do not let yourself hold onto a genuine peace with the Holy Spirit because you wonder if this is the right thing for you.

Let go of the doubt about being a man that is with God you hold in your soul.

You know the Holy Spirit intimately and will not be deceived by the devil anymore.

Absorb the life that is yours and take the walk of your life with me to help you.

Reach out to me with honest conversations that we can have together.

I call you my friend; you are too afraid of me to hold onto this power I give you every day.

These visions I give you take you to a leap of hope that I will do more than you want for your life.

You can’t see how I can do more than a powerless figment of our imagination.

The Holy Bible is part of your life, and this life we have together is real.

Take my hand as we walk together in a closer life with each other.