You do not need to write everything on the computer you hear me say to you.

It is your choice which conversations to add to the daily writing.

While I am telling you things, there is another conversation that may be better for you.

The importance of any one writing is dependent upon when I say these things to you.

Every day you have unique needs that only you know.

I am talking to a world full of people with unique stories I see.

You continually change because you hear what I say to you every day.

There is no specific sentence or conversation that is good for you very long.

The curiosity you have today is not the same as previously.

It is your mind that keeps growing peacefully with the Holy Spirit.

You don’t notice how much you are changing because you are not aware of how you act.

These new changes in your life are regularly happening to you.

I will observe you looking at your life differently while you keep looking at the world differently.

It is not necessary to look at me when you are looking for answers.

I will let you know when you need to know anything that is happening in your life.

Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.