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Dear people who read these posts,

I have not posted anything on this website for a while.

I continue to listen to Jesus Christ every day and write a couple of his conversations also.

I will continue to put more of the conversations between us here in the future.


Servant James


Today the Lord Jesus Christ asked me to update this page to something recent.

I started hearing the voice of Jesus Christ when I showed up for morning prayer at the church by myself in 1998.

Jesus Christ told me I don’t have to pray so loud, as I was screaming my prayer in the hope that since there is a God, he will hear me better that way.

I was startled to hear another voice in the room because I was alone when he began speaking to me.

Listening to Jesus Christ is personal to me, and I protested when he asked me to write some of the words he speaks to me.

The process of writing these words has altered my Christian way of life because of the perspective he gives me on the Holy Bible, listening to sermons, and living my life.

I hope you will become curious enough to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ after reading a few of the short conversations on this website.


Servant James

The Sheep Hear website contains written words and videos derived from a daily conversation Servant James has with the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ.

Servant James is one of many people who hear the words of Jesus Christ as he lives his life.

Any person who reads the words Jesus Christ speaks to Servant James will receive blessings unique to the reader.

Why name the website Sheep Hear?

The Holy Bible says:

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice.

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks to Servant James every day; these pages are just some of their conversations.

The Lord speaks to me every day, and over time I will add more posts to the site.

I encourage you to attempt to hear what Jesus Christ is saying to you when you read these words on the website.

Sheep Hear’s mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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