You have to let go of what you think you want and listen to me speaking to you.

It is better for your mind to be peaceful than for you to live with turmoil in your mind.

You spend a lot of time wondering what you should be doing when you know tomorrow will be different from today.

There is more to what you are doing with your life than you realize.

Your friends are happy with you when they see the change in your life.

You received a lot of praise about what you are doing with the Servant James listening to Jesus channel from a friend you have known for many years.

Many people notice what you are doing with Sheep Hear and read these words with the anticipation of a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

I touch many people with the power of the Holy Spirit as they are inspired to reach out to me every day.

Your ministry is helping people to look at me in new ways than before.

Give yourself more credit than you are right now in realizing your ministry to many people is spreading around the world.

I am opening more hearts that read these words than in previous years.

Sheep Hear mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.