I have never taken you any place you were not willing to go.

You may not like the truth sometimes, but you will accept it from me every day.

This work you do in the Name of Jesus Christ has a reward nobody can count.

I know you want this website to pay off, and you set it to receive money.

You have to look at the long run and how many people receive blessings from reading these passages.

The spiritual blessings that flow through your life are an ongoing event noticed by many people.

When you write these words, you enjoy the communication you have with me most of the time.

You can be feeling bad physically and want to write these words because you like doing this task.

Last year, I told you to put yourself first and stop writing a few times.

You have to remember that your life is more important than the work you do with the website.

It is nice that people can read what I say to you, but you also have to live your life.

Give yourself some more grace and absorb the peace the Holy Spirit is bringing you every day.

Sheep Hear mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.