You can take as much time doing what you want to do, James.

Writing a few words on the computer is not very tedious.

When you spend your time learning new things, that takes a lot of time.

You are learning new things in many areas of your life that take your time.

It is better for you to learn the simple way to reach what you have to complete.

I know you want to do many things that take learning processes.

Look at what you have to do to survive, and the learning part of your life will have to wait till later.

You have to schedule a time to work on many projects like you schedule a time to listen to my voice.

Learning new things takes time.

You like to learn new things before you write any of my words because of the clarity of mind you have at those times.

Many times, writing a few words takes longer to get past your curiosity than actually writing what I say to you.

I know you want to see a lot of things happening all over the world.

There is time for every task you need to survive and plenty of time to learn.

Sheep Hear’s mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.