You are not the one responsible for creating the content of these pages you write each day.

The Holy Spirit is a part of your life in more ways than you know.

You used to hope I would answer your prayers; now you know it is my choice to answer prayer, and you still hope I will answer your prayers.

My response to each person as they live their lives is not something you would understand outside of a conceptual awareness that I know everything.

I have proven to you many times that the voice you hear every day is true.

Do not be confused with the words you hear me speak to you.

It is not necessary for you to understand everything happening in the world for you to follow your directions.

Find what you have to do so your life will be better.

Do not let worry run your mental health into indecision.

Make your daily decisions and live with the knowledge that you are taking action for your life.

I help you more than you can guess.

Every day I give you guidance and direction that helps your life.

You need to walk forward with your faith in Jesus Christ everywhere you go.