I easily get your attention by saying the words “I will” because you want to know what I will do.

It is simple for you to remember many things that work for you, like when you greet me, you hear me better.

How many people on this planet will read your simple advice of greeting the God of all creation to hear my response?

A few thousand people a month read these words, and the world has billions of people alive on it right now.

You are not the only person with the ministry of encouraging believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ to listen to my voice.

There are many people leading believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ to spend time listening to my voice.

You have met many people who hear my voice and have attended a church where they actively seek relationships with me.

It is important for you to continue your mission because several people who read these words actively seek to hear me better.

I will continue to give you revelations that are relevant to your life.

Your faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ has to continue to increase.

Let your mind have more mental peace in everything you do.

Sheep Hear mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.