It is easy for you to see how you can rise to a level of violence because other people said something to you that is wrong.

You like to think you have risen above your violent nature from the past when you are better at keeping your anger in control.

I am not asking you to be too nice because that is a path that leads to ruin.

You need to remember you are fallible like everybody else.

Do not think you are beyond any emotional reaction when somebody taunts you the wrong way.

You need to have more patience with other people who act wrong in their life situations.

Each person is unique, and you pick up on insincere reactions to your actions very easily.

I see everybody as they live their lives, and you are not the only person who overreacts to people at times.

You have no idea what anybody else is going through in their lives.

The heat and the lack of finances bring a lot of trouble to many people’s minds.

I am not making an excuse for your actions.

You need to know when to react with anger; today was not one of them.


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