Servant James Listening to the Voice of Jesus Christ Each Day 2-4-23-PM




Do not worry about what is necessary for you to hear me say to you.

Your life does not hang in the balance over what you hear me say to you.

Every day is new to you, and although you have many things scheduled for your life, you are not the same.

I do not tell you every movement you need to make each day of your life.

You are learning to adapt to my voice as Pastor Luke told you to do many years ago.

The difference between you and many other people is you are tenacious when it comes to attempting to do your work properly.

When I tell you to do something that you understand, you find a way to accomplish the task.

You know I don’t tell you to do certain things for no reason.

I don’t need to elaborate on who I am every time you think of me.

Sometimes I need to remind you that I am the God of Gods and the King of Kings.

It is your job to make sure you hear my voice and not the Devil as he attempts to deceive many people.

You have plenty of work to do each day that will continue to take your time.

Sheep Hear mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.