Servant James Listening to the Voice of Jesus Christ Each Day 3-18-23




I don’t need to explain myself to you.

These words you write each day from our conversations are not here to impress anybody who says they hear my voice.

I have you write these words to encourage individual believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ to increase their faith enough to start listening to my voice.

You should not let the religious cast of people who like to criticize others for following my directions bother you.

Your mind has been captivated by a comment somebody wrote a couple of years ago that you never saw until recently.

I never told you to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the internet.

You do a good job of representing me to many people you meet.

Many people preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ online that are inspired by the Holy Spirit touching them.

Some people study the Holy Bible online because they need help listening to me.

I told you many times you don’t need to study the Holy Bible on the internet because you are familiar with the Holy Bible.

You have this particular ministry of encouragement because you spent the time reaching out to me until you began to hear me every day.

Sheep Hear mission statement:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.